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Cheap High Alumina Refractory Materials for sale in RS Group that is a professional kiln refractory manufacturer and supplier in China. We are qualified to do scientific research and experiment to develop productions. With four factories and one trading company, we are able to provide different kinds of high alumina refractory materials and serve our clients.

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High Alumina Bricks

High Alumina Brick is belong to a kind of neutral refractory materials and are made of bauxite or other raw ...
High Alumina Refractory Cement

High Alumina Refractory Cement

High alumina refractory cement for sale at Rongsheng Kiln Refractory has an amazing high quality and many advantages. Our company, ...
High Alumina Castable

High Alumina Castable

High alumina castable is a mixture. The main composition is made by calcium clinker, Which is made from industrial alumina ...
Buy High Alumina Refractory Ball

Alumina Ball for Sale

Alumina ball, also known as aluminum ball, has the fine quality of high strength, high hardness, excellent abrasion ability, thick ...

We have a long-term business relationships with partners from South Africa, the Philippines, Chile, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Turkey, Zambia, Peru, Mexico, Qatar, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. Our productions are trusted due to our strict standard of production and good after-sale service.

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Types of High Alumina Refractory Materials For Sale From RS Company

High alumina products can be classified into shaped and unshaped products. Shaped products refers to those with certain shape, viz, alumina ball, alumina bricks. And unshaped products, also called monolithic products, are cement, concrete, and mortar. Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd provide a whole range of alumina refractory products, including:

  • High Alumina Bricks

High alumina bricks, contains more than 48% alumina oxides. Due to its high refractoriness, these products are usually used in the key parts of stoves and kilns, which have extremely high working environment. High alumina refractory bricks in Rongsheng refractory includes: Fire Clay Bricks, Light Weight Alumina Bricks, Insulating Bricks, Corundum Bricks, Mullite Bricks, Andalusite Bricks, Phosphate Bonded Alumina Bricks, Anti-Stripping Bricks.

Light Weight High Alumina Bricks

Light Weight High Alumina Brick Supplier

Light weight high alumina brick, also known as high-aluminium heat insulating brick, are used in building heat insulating walls or ...
Phosphate Bonded High Alumina Bricks

Phosphate Bonded Alumina Brick

High alumina phosphate bonded fire brick is a kind of refractory product mainly used in cement rotary kiln. High alumina ...
High Alumina Bricks

High Alumina Bricks Price

High alumina bricks are refractory materials used in the linings of various kilns, stoves and furnaces for cement, metallurgy, power ...
Buy Alumina Bricks

Alumina Bricks Manufacturer

Alumina bricks are aluminate silicate refractory materials contain more than 48% alumina oxide. They belong to neutral refractory materials. The ...

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  • High Alumina Castables/Concrete/Mortar

High Alumina Castables Are Always Used To Build Monolithic Projects. The Advantages Of High alumina castables is that they are easy to transport, and simple to use. High alumina cement could be used as aggregate in building furnace walls. High alumina concrete refers to a hydraulic binder. The mineral composition of High alumina concrete include aluminate cathode, calcium aluminate, etc. High alumina mortar is an aluminate cement clinker. High alumina mortar are usually used as ingredient of refractory castables, and monolithic refractory materials.

Aluminous Cement

Aluminous Cement Price

Aluminous Cement is a kind of refractory product that is mainly for monolithic uses. It has the advantages of high ...
RS High Alumina Cement for Sale

High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement is a kind of refractory cement for sale used invarius industries including cement industry, ceramic industry, etc ...
Calcium Aluminate Cement Properties for Sale

Calcium Aluminate Cement

Calcium aluminate cement, also called high alumina cement, has been applied and developed for nearly 100 years. The main composition ...
High Aluminium Cement

High Aluminium Cement Price

High aluminium cement refers to a kind of hydraulic binder which is the powder of aluminate cement clinker. The mineral ...

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  • High Alumina Ball & Tabular Alumina Balls

High alumina ball can be applied in metallurgy, petrochemical, building, power, non-ferrous, ceramic industries for high temperature uses. Tabular alumina balls contains mainly corundum, which has a high bulk density, low porosity and high refractoriness.

Alumina Sphere

Alumina Spheres Manufacturer

Alumina Spheres Manufacturer - RS Professional High Alumina Refractory Company, provide high qulity & cheap Alumina Spheres for sale, which are ...
Alumina Ceramic Ball at Rongsheng for Sale

Alumina Ceramic Ball Price

Alumina ceramic ball produced by Rongsheng Kiln Refractory, is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, natural gas industry, environmental ...
High Alumina Ball

High Alumina Ball Manufacturer

High alumina ball, is used as a refractory product in various high heat industries. High alumina ball belong to alumina ...
Buy High Alumina Refractory Ball

Alumina Ball for Sale

Alumina ball, also known as aluminum ball, has the fine quality of high strength, high hardness, excellent abrasion ability, thick ...

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High Alumina Refractory Materials for Sale Supplier – RS Company

Founded in the early 1990s, through 20 year’s innovation and development, the company have grown into a refractory conglomerate. Our business products cover metallurgy, power, building, petrochemical, glass, and non-ferrous industries. We have 180 stuffs, including over 20 specialists. There are three manufacture lines to produce shaped, unshaped and insulation refractory materials.

Our high alumina refractory materials for sale production facility includes 8 press machine of 400 tons, 6 press machine of 315 tons, 5 edge mills, 3 grinding machine, 3 double-roll crusher, and 128m tunnel kiln production line with automatic temperature control system of double section gas producer. We have a complete set of physical and chemical testing equipment and inspection system of refractory materials.

Located in the “capital of refractory material” of Xinmi, the company have easy access to abundant resources to produce quality products. As A Specialist of High Alumina Refractory Materials, We:

  • Have 20 years’ experience in refractory industries.
  • Have four well established factories and one trading company.
  • Provide 6,000 tons refractory materials per month to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Have advanced equipment to produce high quality products.
  • Are able to make customized products for special uses.
  • Offer high quality after-sales service.

High Alumina Refractory Materials Wikipedia

High Alumina Bricks Manufacturer

Why Are High Alumina Bricks Better Than Fireclay Bricks?

Both high alumina bricks and fire clay brick contain aluminum oxide, which is a high hardness compound, melting point 2054℃(3729.2℉) ...
Al-Si Refractory Bricks Manufacturer

Al-Si Refractory Brick Series

There are four commonly used bricks in Al-Si refractory brick series, including silica bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina refractory bricks, ...
High Aluminium Cement

High Alumina Cement Uses and Specifications

RS Refractory Group is a professional manufacturer of high alumina refractory cement. The high alumina cement uses and specifications can ...

High Alumina Refractory Materials for Sale Features

High alumina refractory products are made from bauxite(Al2O3▪3H2O)or industrial alumina oxides, “alumina” in high alumina refractory products, refer to alumina oxides. Alumina oxides have extremely high melting point of 2054℃, boiling point 2980℃. It is a high hardness compound, which have excellent high temperature performance. Refractory Bricks and other refractory products made from alumina oxides can bear high temperature, resist slag erosion, has a good thermal shock resistant, abrasion assistant, good refractory under load performance, fine compressive strength, low linear change on reheating, dense crystal structure, low apparent porosity, etc.

High Alumina Refractory Materials for Sale

Due to its excellent performance under high temperature, high alumina refractory materials for sale are commonly used in places that needs to be heated to an extremely high temperature. Industries like iron, steel, cement, electricity, ceramic, etc. always need high alumina refractory materials like high alumina bricks, high alumina refractory cements to build their kilns furnaces and stoves. And high alumina products are commonly used in blast furnace, rotary kiln, etc.

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