High Alumina Anchor Bricks

High alumina anchor bricks are kind of the high alumina refractory bricks for heating furnaces, and high-aluminum anchor bricks are also called high alumina hanging bricks. It is mainly used to connect and support the structure of refractory bricks and ordinary sintered bricks and is used for heating furnace roofs, furnace walls, or other parts. The anchor bricks play the role of skeleton connection in the pouring of the castable, and they are made according to the requirements of users during production. However, there must be no cracks, otherwise, cracks will occur, which will easily fall and affect the use of refractory castables.

RS High-Quality High Alumina Anchor Bricks
RS High-Quality High Alumina Anchor Bricks

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    Brief Introduction of High Alumina Anchor Brick

    High-alumina anchor bricks are made of natural high-grade bauxite as the main refractory material. Add soft or semi-soft clay to the high-aluminum clinker as a binder to start batching, mixing, forming, drying, and finally firing to form a special-shaped high-alumina refractory brick. The alumina content of general high alumina anchor bricks is above 55%. The shape and size of high alumina anchor bricks can be customized according to customer needs. The load softening temperature of the high alumina anchor brick reaches 1550℃, which can meet the performance requirements of the furnace roof lining.

    High-alumina anchor bricks can be divided into three grades: LM-55, LM-65, and LM-75 according to physical and chemical indicators. Among them, L and M are the initials of the Chinese phonetic alphabet of aluminum and anchor respectively. High alumina anchors refer to high-alumina refractory bricks with specific shapes, installed on the industrial furnace shell or steel structure supporting the furnace lining, and embedded in the refractory lining to act as anchors and links.

    RS High Alumina Anchor Bricks Manufacturer
    RS High Alumina Anchor Bricks Manufacturer

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      Structural Characteristics of High Alumina Anchor Bricks

      Anchor bricks are generally used in heating furnaces, also called refractory hanging bricks, which are a new type of anchor bricks for industrial furnaces. Especially the high alumina anchor brick, which is an anchor brick used for the roof of an industrial furnace, includes a column composed of a hanging end and an anchor solid, and spaced grooves arranged on the surface of the anchor solid. A rib is provided along the length direction on at least one surface of the anchor body. After the ribs are installed, due to the reinforcement and traction of the ribs, the tensile and flexural strength of the anchor solid is significantly improved. The stress generated at the groove is blocked at the rib and cannot continue to be transmitted, so the anchor brick of this structure is not easy to break.

      There are many shapes and linking methods of anchor bricks, and their sizes are different. Generally, it is made according to user customization. There are also some regular lengths of 330, 380, 440, and 500m, and the thickness is generally about 100mm for anchoring bricks. Its role is to play a role in the refractory castable lining.

      Anchor bricks also have the difference between holes and without holes, and the difference between the use of holes and the useful furnace roof and furnace wall without holes. The use is embedded in the castable, and also used for hanging up with hanging parts, so it can also be called hanging bricks.

      Anchor Bricks with Holes
      Anchor Bricks with Holes

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        Characteristics of high alumina anchor bricks for heating furnace

        1. The volume is stable at high temperatures.
        2. Good corrosion resistance.
        3. The load softening temperature is high.
        4. Anti-stripping and high compressive strength.

        Precautions for the Masonry of Anchor Bricks

        1. When laying bricks, apply mud carefully from both sides to prevent gas from leaking from the top of the furnace.
        2. The hanging part of the anchor brick should not be damaged and should play the role of hanging metal parts.
        3. Ensure the size of the joints, carry out the top-laying, and correctly determine the role of the hanging metal parts.
        4. Expansion joints should be properly left between the furnace body and the anchoring bricks.
        5. Air hardening mud is generally used.
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          High-alumina anchor bricks are refractory bricks for the furnace top and wall of the heating furnace. Its size and shape can be customized and processed according to the requirements of the heating furnace. The purpose is to meet the needs of the furnace lining, ensure the service life of the furnace lining, and improve the economic benefits of the furnace. Rongsheng high aluminum refractory material manufacturer has rich experience in the production and sales of refractory materials. And Rongsheng’s customers are in more than 60 countries all over the world, for example, Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Chile, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Turkey, Zambia, Peru, Mexico, Qatar, etc. If you need to buy high-quality high alumina anchor bricks products, please contact us.

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