Performance and Application of Andalusite Bricks

Andalusite bricks, with corundum, andalusite as the main raw materials, and strictly control the particle size of the raw materials. Adopt new production processes: multi-stage batching, matrix homogenization, and determination of better calcination temperature and other process measures. The andalusite refractory bricks with excellent performance can fully meet the different parts of the blast furnace, hot blast stove and different working environments. RS High Alumina Refractory Manufacturer provides you the Performance and Application of Andalusite Bricks in the below.

RS Andalusite Bricks for Sale
RS Andalusite Bricks for Sale

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    Production Process of Andalusite Brick

    Raw Materials for Andalusite Refractory Bricks: mullite powder, andalusite fine powder, sillimanite fine powder, clay, silicon micropowder, etc.

    The Production Process of Andalusite Refractory Brick: the raw materials are prepared according to the formula ratio. Then, the mullite powder, andalusite fine powder and the sillimanite fine powder are put into a sand mixer for mixing, and then the clay is mixed with water which accounts for 2% of the total weight of the raw materials, and the silicon micropowder is further added for kneading. After the mixing, the bricks are pressed into a brick by a brick press, and the bricks are dried and then placed in a firing kiln for sintering, that is, fired into andalusite refractory bricks.

    Performance of Andalusite Bricks

    The andalusite bricks are converted into mullite by heating, and have higher fire resistance after conversion. The coefficient of thermal expansion during conversion is low. The refractoriness can reach above 1800 °C. The andalusite bricks have few impurities and the strength decreases little under high temperature conditions. It also has the resistance to rapid cooling and heat, high mechanical strength, strong thermal shock resistance, strong slag resistance and high load conversion point. It is highly chemically stable (even insoluble in hydrofluoric acid) and extremely resistant to chemical attack. In short, the andalusite refractory bricks’ performances are as follows:

    1. High temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
    2. Good thermal shock resistance.
    3. Low creep rate.
    4. The load softening temperature is high.
    5. Can reduce harmful impurities.
    6. Good resistance to hot peeling.
    High Quality Andalusite Bricks
    High Quality Andalusite Bricks

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      Physical and Chemical Indicators of Andalusite Brick

      Item RSGX-135 RSGX-140 RSGX-150
      Al2O3 % ≥ 65 65 75
      Fe2O3 % ≤ 1.0 1.5 1.0
      Apparent Porosity % ≤ 22 22 20
      Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 2.40 2.50 2.60
      Cold Crushing Strength Mpa ≥ 60






      0.2 Mpa Refractoriness Under Load ℃ ≥ 1520 1550 1600
      Creep Rate (0.2Mpa) % ≤ 1350℃×20-50h 1400℃×20-50h 1500℃×20-50h
      0.2 0.2 0.2
      Thermal Shock Resistance (1100℃) Cycle ≥ 15 20 20

      Application of Andalusite Bricks

      The use of andalusite bricks in hot blast stoves: hot blast stove wall, checker brick, furnace top, combustion chamber (the andalusite low creep series).

      Advantages of the Andalusite Brick for Hot Blast Stoves:

      1. First, the service life of the hot blast stove is extended, and the economic benefits are improved for the enterprise.
      2. The thermal shock stability increases the service life of the lining of the kiln and reduces the cost of refractory materials.
      3. Effectively replaces the problem that other refractory bricks are unstable under the high temperature environment of the hot blast stove.
      RS Andalusite Bricks Supplier
      RS Andalusite Bricks Supplier

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        Andalusite Bricks Supplier

        As a Andalusite Bricks Supplier, RS pays attention to the situation during use. As observed in the hot metal can, the andalusite bricks are completely resistant to the temperature changes of the quenching and hot. In particular, when infiltrating molten iron, cracks and flaking can be prevented. It is guaranteed to be stable in use and improve the performance of non-shrinkage.

        At the same time, RS refractory manufacturers provide customers with a variety of refractory bricks and refractory castables. Our refractory brick and castable production lines are equipped with advanced production equipment, and our technical team specializes in refractory production and development. Work to provide customers with the most suitable refractory materials for the environment in which thermal equipment is used. If you are looking for refractory bricks such as andalusite bricks, please contact us and we will get back to you in the shortest time.

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