The Application Effect of Alumina Ceramic Balls in the Industry

Alumina ceramic balls are made of alumina with very low silicon content and have high purity and strength, making them extremely resistant to high temperatures. Used in reaction towers to prevent equipment covered by filtered silica from forming fouling or damaging the catalyst carrier. Advantages of Alumina Ceramic Balls High Wear Resistance. The wear resistance … Read more

What are the Differences between Inert Porcelain Balls and Activated Alumina Balls?

Inert alumina balls are referred to as inert porcelain balls. It is processed from high-quality chemical porcelain clay raw materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, high chemical stability, and thermal stability. So what are the differences between inert porcelain balls and activated alumina balls? The Difference between Inert Porcelain Balls and Activated Alumina … Read more

Alumina Balls Inert Ceramic Balls Alumina Filler Balls

There are many types of alumina balls. In the inquiry process of alumina balls, there are activated alumina balls and inert alumina balls. So which kind is alumina filler ball? Their compositions and properties are different, and their uses are quite different. Rongsheng Company, can customize alumina filler balls, contact us to get free quotation … Read more

Castables for Aluminum Melting Furnaces – High Aluminum Castables for Kilns

Types and advantages of castables for aluminum melting furnaces and refractory castables for kilns. Aluminum melting furnace castables generally use high-aluminum refractory castables. High-aluminum refractory castables are a common type of refractory castables and are graded according to aluminum content. Usually the aluminum (AL2O3) content is ≥42%. It is a refractory castable made of high-aluminum … Read more

High-Aluminum Anchor Bricks for Furnace Walls of High Strength and Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Anchor bricks refer to high-alumina refractory bricks with specific shapes that are installed on the steel structure of industrial kiln shells or supporting furnace linings and embedded in the refractory lining to serve as anchors and connections. Furnace top anchor bricks are also called hanging bricks. Anchor bricks are usually used inside walls, furnace tops, … Read more

Corundum Mullite Bricks for Hydrogen Sulfide Incinerator Lining

A hydrogen sulfide incinerator is a professional incinerator for treating hydrogen sulfide tail gas. The working conditions are very harsh, and the inside of the furnace is filled with acid gas, which can easily cause serious erosion to the furnace lining material. When designing refractory materials for furnace linings, the common factors of high-temperature environments … Read more

99 Alumina Ceramic Ball

99 alumina ceramic ball is a high-performance wear-resistant ceramic ball. Its main component is alumina (Al2O3), which is a very hard ceramic material. Alumina ceramic balls have good stability and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Therefore, it is widely used in abrasives, abrasives, and catalyst carriers in chemistry, mining, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries. … Read more

Multilayer Low Thermal Conductivity Mullite Bricks

Low thermal conductivity mullite multi-layer composite bricks are designed with a multi-layer composite structure. Using bauxite as the main raw material, natural bauxite clinker is used as the main raw material instead of traditional silicon carbide mullite bricks. Sintered mullite is the main phase, which reduces the overall thermal conductivity of mullite bricks and effectively … Read more

The Production Process and Method of Mullite Bricks

Lightweight mullite bricks are also called mullite insulation bricks. Lightweight mullite insulation bricks are heat-insulating refractory materials with mullite as the main crystal phase and binding phase. High-alumina clinker is used as the main raw material, and high-quality and high-purity refractory powder is added. According to the required proportion of the product, organic composite fillers … Read more

High Aluminum Castable Refractory Advantages and Applications

High aluminum castable refractory is a commonly used refractory castable material. Due to its simple construction and low cost, it is used as a refractory lining material for many high-temperature industrial furnaces. In actual use, the advantages of high aluminum castable are obvious. However, its shortcomings cannot be ignored. Advantages of high aluminum refractory castable. … Read more