Factors Affecting High-Alumina Wear-Resistant Plastics

Circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB), as a major “clean combustion” device, is widely used in new or rebuilt fire (thermal) power plant projects. And it drives the continuous improvement and development of refractory materials for CFB boilers. The CFB boiler has a complex lining structure, and there are a large number of high-concentration, high-speed circulating … Read more

Features of High-Performance Light-Weight High Alumina Castable

Light-Weight High Alumina Castables mainly use lightweight aggregates and heavy fine powder. Lightweight aggregates used in Light-Weight High Alumina Castable have larger pore diameters and lower strength. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of the lightweight castables is higher. At the same time, the low aggregate strength affects the overall strength of the lightweight castable, limiting its … Read more

A Certain Amount of Cr2O3 Can Enhance the Corrosion Resistance of High Alumina Castables

What is a high alumina brick? What is high aluminum castable? High alumina castable is a refractory castable made of high-alumina cement clinker as a stone and granular materials, adding flux and thickener. The raw material of the integral lining can be poured immediately, or it can be poured into the fireproof preform for application. … Read more

Performance and Application of Andalusite Bricks

Andalusite bricks, with corundum, andalusite as the main raw materials, and strictly control the particle size of the raw materials. Adopt new production processes: multi-stage batching, matrix homogenization, and determination of better calcination temperature and other process measures. The andalusite refractory bricks with excellent performance can fully meet the different parts of the blast furnace, … Read more

High Alumina Castable Refractory

Broadly speaking, as long as the test results, refractory castables with aluminum (AL2O3) content ≥ 42% can be called high alumina castable refractory. It has high mechanical strength and good resistance to thermal shock and abrasion. From the composition structure, the high-aluminum castable refractory is a refractory castable made of bauxite clinker as aggregate and … Read more

Castable Refractory for Heating Furnace

The heating furnace is operated at high temperatures, and the working temperature is generally below 1400°C. Castable refractory for heating furnace is essential. Due to the change of temperature, a certain temperature gradient is formed, and the lining of the high temperature furnace gas is easy to fall off. The refractory material for the furnace … Read more

High Alumina Cement Suppliers

High alumina cement, also known as refractory cement. Mainly used to prepare unshaped refractory materials (castable materials). High alumina cement suppliers, RS Group, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of refractory materials. Get a Free Quote RS not only produces and sells refractory brick products, but also builds large-scale castable plants, which are specially … Read more

RS High Alumina Refractory at GIFA 2019 in Germany

RS Group is a competitive refractory products company & supplier, is further more refractory solutions provider found in international market about RS High Alumina Refractory. RS Group has arrived on the timetabled location of the GIFA 2019 Exhibition. After the day of warming upward, there are more in addition to more tourists coming in order … Read more

High Alumina Bricks Applications and Components

High Alumina Bricks

Get a Free Quote High Alumina Bricks Applications High Alumina Bricks are mainly applied in building: Blast Furnace Hot Air Stove Roof Of Electric Stove Reverberatory Furnace The lining of Rotary Kiln Also, high alumina bricks are widely used as Checker brick in Siemens-Martin Regenerative Open-Hearth Furnace Plug or nozzle brick for gating system High … Read more

High Alumina Bricks Properties

High alumina bricks for sale in RS FACTORY include many types. You need to select the better suitable high alumina bricks for your application. As a Light Weight High Alumina Brick Supplier, RS have professional engineers to help you do the best choice. Before buying alumina bricks, you need to know high alumina bricks applications and … Read more