75 High Alumina Bricks for Furnaces Burning Calcium Oxide at a Temperature of 1150°C

75 high-alumina bricks for high-temperature kilns, 75 high-alumina bricks for boilers, wholesale of high-alumina bricks of various specifications, and Rongsheng high-alumina refractory materials manufacturers. Rongsheng first-grade high-alumina brick, that is, a neutral refractory material with an alumina content of not less than 75%. It is formed and calcined from bauxite or other raw materials with … Read more

Heat Storage Al2O3≥80% Alumina Balls with Diameter of 18-20mm for 1000°C Furnaces

The heat storage alumina ceramic ball of the heat preservation furnace can be known directly from the name that it is a material used for heat storage and heat preservation in high-temperature furnaces. So specifically, what does the heat storage alumina ceramic ball look like? Which high-temperature kiln heat storage can ceramic balls be applied … Read more

Calcium Aluminate Cement Uses

Aluminate cement is a kind of special cement, that also has many names. For example, refractory cement, 625 cement, high alumina cement, CA-50 cement, etc. Calcium Aluminate Cement Uses as a binder for monolithic refractory castables, aluminate cement has a wide range of applications and is mostly used for building and bonding kilns in the … Read more

Phosphate-Bonded High-Alumina Castables for Aluminum Melting Furnaces

In recent years, aluminum alloy products have become the most widely used non-ferrous metal materials. Therefore, melting furnaces and holding furnaces for aluminum alloy smelting is also increasing. During the smelting process of aluminum alloy, due to the long-term high-temperature erosion of molten aluminum, slag, and air, the refractory castables used are frequently damaged, which … Read more

What is the Alumina Content of High Alumina Refractory Bricks?

High alumina refractory bricks are also called high alumina fire bricks, or high alumina bricks. Generally refers to refractory bricks with high alumina content. Therefore, sillimanite bricks can also be called high alumina bricks. From the perspective of aluminum content, mullite bricks can also be called high alumina bricks. What is the alumina content of … Read more

Alkali Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum-Silicon Refractory Bricks for Cement Kilns

Cement kilns have realized the “reduction, harmlessness, and recycling” disposal of garbage, and achieved good social, environmental, and economic benefits. However, due to the presence of a large number of harmful components such as sulfur, alkali, and chlorine in the garbage, the refractory bricks are easily corroded, peeled off, and damaged in the cement kiln … Read more

High-quality High-purity Corundum Brick Manufacturer

High-purity corundum bricks have thermodynamic properties such as excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature strength, load-softening temperature, and creep. It is widely used as the lining material of industrial furnaces such as residual oil gasifiers, coal gasifiers, carbon black reaction furnaces, pulp waste gasifiers, etc. Rongsheng refractory brick manufacturer is a manufacturer of high-quality high-purity … Read more

Application of Anti-stripping High Alumina Bricks in the Sintering Zone of Wet Short Kiln

Anti-flaking high-alumina bricks are fired refractory bricks made of special-grade high-alumina bauxite clinker and ZrO2-containing components, which are made by high-pressure molding according to a specific ratio. Anti-stripping high-alumina bricks have strong anti-stripping ability, high refractoriness, good cracking resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. At the same time, it also has the properties of anti-corrosion of … Read more

Fused Corundum Bricks for Glass Furnace

The fused refractory is made by melting the precisely prepared mixture in an electric arc furnace, then pouring it into a sand mold, and the ingot is heat-treated before machining. The smelting process can obtain complete coarse crystals and dense structures. Compared with sintered refractories, it has the characteristics of compact structure, low porosity, high … Read more

Application of High Alumina Brick in Lead Metallurgical Furnace

High alumina fire bricks belong to aluminum silicate refractories and are called neutral refractories according to their chemical properties. They are the most widely used refractory bricks in the refractory industry. High-alumina bricks have the advantages of small creep at high temperatures, strong slag resistance, strong erosive corrosion resistance, and good thermal shock stability. Therefore, … Read more