High Alumina Castable Refractory

Broadly speaking, as long as the test results, refractory castables with aluminum (AL2O3) content ≥ 42% can be called high alumina castable refractory. It has high mechanical strength and good resistance to thermal shock and abrasion.

From the composition structure, the high-aluminum castable refractory is a refractory castable made of bauxite clinker as aggregate and powder and added with a binder.

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    Characteristics of High Alumina Castable Refractory

    1. Good thermal shock resistance.
    2. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance is good.
    3. High mechanical strength.

    Use of High Alumina Castable Refractory

    The high alumina castable refractory density is range 2.5 to 2.8. It is mainly used as the lining of various kiln such as boiler, blast furnace of hot blast stove, heating furnace and ceramic kiln.

    High aluminum self-flowing castable Refractory
    High aluminum self-flowing castable Refractory

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      High Alumina Castable Refractory Production Process

      Material selection -> Ingredients -> Mixing -> Packaging -> Storage

      1. According to the formula, the raw materials of high aluminum castables are selected.
      2. Calculate the amount of aggregate, powder grading, binder and additives according to the raw material formula, and strictly control the aggregate powder particles.
      3. Put the weighed aggregate and powder into the mixer and stir them evenly. Then pour the powder into the aggregate and stir for 8-10 minutes.
      4. The high-aluminum castables that have been stirred are placed in a ton of bags, equipped with additives and binders, and then packaged.
      5. The packaged high-alumina castables are stored in the warehouse, and the date identification and moisture-proof waterproof treatment are done.

      Precautions for the Use of High Alumina Castable Refractory

      1. When making high-alumina castable mud, fully stir the dry material and add water. Strictly control the amount of water used to avoid affecting the effect after pouring.
      2. When making high-alumina mud, it needs to be stirred by a mixer, and manual mixing is prohibited.
      3. According to the required amount of production, the production of castables need to be used within 30 minutes, if there is condensation, can not be used.
      4. When constructing, pay attention to avoid the anchor parts.
      5. According to the design to determine the thickness of the casting, can not be cast freely.
      6. After pouring and baking, pay attention to the heating rate and time, and not heat up too quickly.
      7. After demoulding, check the casting body. If there is a construction problem, rework according to the situation to ensure the practicability of the casting body.

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        Rongsheng High Strength High Alumina Castable Refractory

        The high-strength and high alumina castable refractory is a refractory castable made by adding a binder to a high-aluminum raw material as a raw material and a powder. On the basis of formulating high-strength and high-aluminum castables, Rongsheng castables adjusts the particle grading, adds different admixtures, reduces the amount of cement, improves the performance, improves the medium temperature strength and the load softening temperature, and reduces the heat conduction. Coefficient, good thermal stability.

        high-strength and high-aluminum castable
        High-Strength and High-Aluminum Castable

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          The structure of the furnace body using Rongsheng high-strength refractory castable is strong, and the airtightness is superior to that of the brick furnace, which prolongs the furnace age, saves the cost of repairing the furnace, and has significant economic benefits.

          In addition, high-strength and high-aluminum castables refractory are resistant to penetration, erosion, impact, abrasion and mechanical properties, and are widely used in power plant boilers and other thermal furnaces before and after arch, furnace roof, tail furnace wall and other parts.

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