High Alumina Bricks Applications and Components

High Alumina Bricks
High Alumina Bricks Applications

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High Alumina Bricks Application and Uses

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    High Alumina Bricks Applications

    High Alumina Bricks are mainly applied in building:

    • Blast Furnace
    • Hot Air Stove
    • Roof Of Electric Stove
    • Reverberatory Furnace
    • The lining of Rotary Kiln
    • Also, high alumina bricks are widely used as
    • Checker brick in Siemens-Martin Regenerative Open-Hearth Furnace
    • Plug or nozzle brick for gating system

    High Alumina Bricks Classifications

    Since the major component of high alumina brick is aluminium oxide (Al2O3), the classification of alumina bricks is based on the content of aluminum oxide. Usually 48%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 73%, 75% alumina bricks are used more than other categories.

    Bricks with higher content of aluminum oxide could be categorized in corundum bricks series (see article: what are corundum bricks). Bricks with lower content than 55% of alumina oxide are usually called fire clay bricks (see article: Why Are High Alumina Bricks Better Than Fire Clay).

    High alumina bricks are divided into:

    • Normal High Alumina Bricks
    • High RUL Alumina Brick
    • Low Creep Alumina Bricks
    • Phosphate Bonded Alumina Bricks
    • Micro Expansion Alumina Bricks

    Composition and Application For Normal High Alumina Bricks

    The mineral composition of normal high alumina bricks includes corundum, glass phase and mullite. Normal high alumina bricks has stronger refractoriness than fire clay bricks. It is a widely applied material used in all kinds of hot stoves and kilns. Compared with fire clay brick it has longer service life.

    Composition and Application for High RUL Alumina Bricks

    Compared to normal high alumina bricks, high RUL alumina bricks add different composition to substrate and bonder. Its refractoriness under load could be 50-70℃ higher than normal high alumina bricks.

    Composition and Application for Low Creep Alumina Bricks

    The stroma of this kind of brick is mainly of corundum, so it has an excellent performance under high temperature. Basically low creep alumina bricks are used in hot stove, blast furnace and other high temperature furnaces and kilns

    Composition and Application for Phosphate Bonded Alumina Bricks

    Phosphate bonded high alumina bricks are made from superfine or first class bauxite, phosphate solution or aluminum phosphate solution as bonders. It is made under 400-600℃ as a chemical bonded refractory brick. This kind of product has a better anti-stripping quality. Phosphate bricks are applied in cement rotary kiln, roof of electric furnace, etc.

    Composition and Application for Micro Expansion Alumina Bricks.

    The aggregate of this brick is high alumina bauxite. Since there is a micro-expansion needed in using, it is vital to make part of its mineral composition turn into mullite. Micro expansion high alumina bricks are used as steel ladle linings.

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