Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks

At present, the main cause of damage to high alumina bricks in cement kilns is slag erosion and spalling. Therefore, the production of an Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick requires high temperature performance, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock stability, and strong corrosion resistance. The high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance of the Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks are much better than those of the high alumina bricks. It is widely used in the front and rear transition zones of new dry process cement rotary kiln.

Anti Stripping High Alumina Bricks
Anti Stripping High Alumina Bricks

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Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick composition

Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick, referred to as anti-stripping brick or anti-stripping refractory brick. High alumina bauxite clinker is used as the main raw material, and a small amount of ZrO2 is introduced (ZrO2 is a phase transition between monoclinic and tetragonal, which can improve the thermal shock stability of the refractory brick), and a certain amount of composite binder and additive are added. The refractory product obtained by controlling the particle gradation of the mud, formed by molding and high temperature firing, is called anti-flaking high alumina brick.

Specifications for Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks

The standard size of the Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick is 230*114*65mm, and other sizes can be customized according to the drawings.

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Performance principle of Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick

The anti-flaking mechanism of the Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick is due to the micro-structural characteristics of ZrO2, which determines its anti-flaking properties.

(1) There are obvious microcracks around the ZrO2 aggregate, and the aggregate has a significant gap peeling with the surrounding corundum and mullite.

(2) The well-developed ZrO2 aggregates are columnar and form a layered distribution in space. There are small slits between ZrO2, and the size is only 1 to 5 μm, forming a channel structure. This structure, which is superimposed in layers, twists and turns, is conducive to stress transmission and dispersion.

(3) Mullite is well developed and fibrous, and is interlaced with ZrO2 and corundum in a space to form a composite reinforcing structure. Obviously, ZrSiO4 reacts with the surrounding A12O3 when it decomposes at a high temperature to form ZrO2 and mullite. The presence of ZrO2 crystals prevents the growth of fibrous mullite crystals and plate-like corundum, and is wrapped by them, so that it is in a disordered state around ZrO2.

(4) Lithofacies analysis shows that the corundum and mullite structure are interlaced, ZrO2 interspersed among them, there are microcracks around, and the larger ZrO2 crystal itself and the surrounding radial microcracks.

RS Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks
RS Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks

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Physical and Chemical Indicators of Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick

Items RSKBL-75 RSKBL-70
Al2O3 (%) ≥ 75 70
Apparent Porosity (%) ≤ 23 24
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) ≥ 60 60
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load (℃) ≥ 1500 1470
Thermal Shock Resistance

(1100℃, Water Quenching, Cycle)

25 25

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Advantages of Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks

(1) High fire resistance temperature.

(2) The 0.2MPA load softening temperature is greater than 1500 degrees.

(3) Excellent thermal shock resistance, more than 25 times of water cooling at 1100 degrees.

(4) High temperature resistance at room temperature, greater than 60 MPA.

(5) The apparent porosity is low, and the high temperature volume is stable.

(6) Excellent anti-flaking performance.

(7) Good resistance to chemical attack.

Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks Supplier
Anti-Stripping High Alumina Bricks Supplier

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Use of Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick

Anti-stripping high alumina bricks are widely used in new dry process kiln, Libo kiln and wet process kiln. The parts used include kiln door covers, ascending flue, cooling belts, decomposition belts, safety belts, transition belts, coolant back and side walls, and beam curved tops.

Anti-Stripping High Alumina Brick Supplier

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