Aluminate Cement

Aluminate cement, also called alumina cement, refractory cement, aluminous cement, calcium aluminate cements, etc., uses alumina bauxite as raw materials. The cement is usually used for monolithic constructions and is widely applied in metallurgy, building, petrochemical, power industries. Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co., Ltd. offers high quality aluminate cement at low price, please contact us and get the price you want!

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Aluminate Cement Properties

The main composition of bauxite alumina oxide, which is a stable binary compound. The melting point of aluminate oxide is 2054℃, and the boiling point is 2980℃. Since the material is of high hardness and has a dense structure, it has a low porosity and can bear abrasion, has little shrinkage under high temperature which is important features since the products work under extremely high temperature environment.

Aluminate cement contains about 50% aluminate oxide. The raw material of the cement is burned and grinded into power to become a hydraulicity cement. The product has better performance than Portland cement which has lower porosity, better chemical resistance, a better chemical stability and a better high temperature performance.

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Aluminate Cement Applications

  1. Ingredients of refractory concrete and refractory mortar: aluminate cement is a kind of material that applied in ordinary refractory projects. Due to its high mechanical strength and good refractoriness. The product is usually used as various kiln materials for metallurgy, petrochemical, petroleum, machinery, building materials and other industries
  2. Sulfate resistant projects: High alumina cement has good sulfate corrosion resistance, it is applicable to harbor engineering, railway construction and construction works in Saline Lake area, and weak acid water pipe.
  3. To produce other kind of cements: being uses as a raw material ,the aluminate cement can be uses to produce all kinds of special refractory or corrosion-resistant cement, such as self-stressing cement, non-shrinking cement, Portland self-stressing cement, Gypsum geotechnical expansive cement, Impermeable shrinkage cement, Heat-resistant oil well cement, Ammonium resistant cement, etc.
  4. Refractory material: have a wide range of applications in Metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, chemical, power, and other industries.

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