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High alumina bricks are refractory materials used in the linings of various kilns, stoves and furnaces for cement, metallurgy, power and petrochemical industry. It is a kind of neutral refractory, quality bauxite as the main raw material. The main composition of the brick is Al2O3, which is up to more than 48%. A high alumina brick can withstand high temperature and thermal shock, has a low thermal conductivity and a stable bulk size. Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Material Co., Ltd produces high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, alumina spinel bricks, and alumina bubble bricks etc. For High Alumina Bricks Price, please Contact RS Group.

High Alumina Bricks
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High Alumina Bricks Properties

Due to its excellent features and properties, high alumina bricks are usually used in building blast furnaces, reverberatory furnace, electric arc furnaces, rotary kiln, hot air stoves, converters, melting furnace, heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, and heat treatment furnace, etc.

This kind of bricks has an excellent performance under extreme temperature, it has the refractoriness of up to 1770℃. The refractoriness provides the product a fine quality to be used as furnace and kiln linings.

high Alumina Brick for Sale at Rongsheng
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Because the high alumina thermal conductivity is very low, so heat would be reduced when passing through the bricks. Also, this kind of material has a stable atomic structure which is hard to collapse, so this is why high alumina bricks uses are greatly verified for high temperature industries.

High bulk density is the reason why high alumina bricks can resist abrasion from ash, slag or gases. With a low apparent porosity, this material has a smaller surface area, and less exposed to abrasion.

High Alumina Bricks Specifications




High Alumina Bricks
Al2O3(%)≥ 75 65 55
Fe2O3(%)≥ 2.0 2.0 2.5
Apparent Porosity(%)≥ 20 22 23
Bulk Density(g/cm2)≥ 2.5 2.4 2.3
Compressive Strength (Normal Temperature)(MPa) 60 55 40
Refractoriness Under Load (℃)≥ 1500 1470 1450
Linear Change On Reheating(1500℃×2h, %) 0-0.2 0-0.3 ±0.2
Refractoriness (℃) 1790 1790 1770

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Our company, located in the central part of china, is surrounded with rich minerals for high quality high alumina bricks. The abundant raw materials and convenient transportation provide a low cost access for our product. And a group of elite technicians in the middle part of china is the secret to make our bricks high quality with the competitive price. Apart from the product, we also offer sincere services to our customers.

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