Aluminum Grinding Balls

Aluminum ball, also known as alumina ceramic ball, grinding ball, high alumina ball, etc. is a kind of refractory material used as a grinding tool or cover material in stoves, kilns, furnaces of industries like ceramic industry, iron industry, steel industry, etc.

Aluminum Ball Uses
Aluminum Ball Application

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The ball appears to be in white. And the diameter of these balls vary from 0.5mm to 120mm.

The material is a powerful tool since it is clean, hard, have high temperature performance, high refractoriness under load, abrasion and corrosion resistance, etc.

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Here are some detailed introductions to the aluminum ball:

Aluminum Balls Properties

Aluminum Ball Properties
Aluminum Ball Manaufacturer

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Aluminum balls are made from alumina bauxite or industrial aluminate oxide. the main content of aluminum balls is aluminate oxide which has a melting point of over 2000℃, and is extremely hard.

The mechanical strength of aluminum ball is very high. Because the working environment is usually in extreme condition where ceramic, steels, coal or other materials are burned. For example, the steel-making process requires a high temperature up to more than 1600℃, so the balls when using as a temperature-protective material should at least able to tolerate more than 1600℃.

The condition in a stove is very tough, usually there are gases, slags that would cause severe corrosion if the material is not good enough. So it requires very high standard on the balls.

The aluminum balls produced by Rongsheng have high mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, and can bear the erosion by acidic or alkaline materials. The balls are also clean and will not have bad effect on the quality of other materials being produced. According to experiment, the balls when used for grinding are twice efficiency as that of natural stones. And because of its nature of high hardness, the grinding process will cause little condumption in the bulk of the balls, so this is how the material has a very long service life. The long service life means the material can be used again and again, so the cost of buying can be lowered to a very idealistic level. So they are excellent grinding tools for the grinding machines.

RS Aluminum Ball Manaufacturer
RS Aluminum Ball Manufacturer

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Aluminum Balls Manufacture Technique

The main content of this product is high quality aluminate oxide, which doesn’t affect the materials you are producing.

The product is molded by rolling and isostatic pressing, so that the material will be more dense and promote the grinding efficiency and shorten the grinding time.

The manufacturing process can be controlled and traced. Raw material are strictly selected to ensure the quality of the product.

Aluminum Balls Applications

They are used in ceramic, glass, chemical industries. The product is a grinding agent for ball mill, tank mill, and vibration mill, etc.

The balls are also used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries. They works as filling material or covering and supporting the catalyzer.

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