What are the Differences between Filling Ceramic Balls and Grinding Ceramic Balls?

Filling Ceramic Balls and Grinding Ceramic Balls are both types of ceramic balls. Filling ceramic balls are used to make porcelain balls, and grinding porcelain balls are mainly used for grinding. The raw materials of both are the same, and they are two different uses of the same product. So, what are the differences between … Read more

What are the Differences between Inert Porcelain Balls and Activated Alumina Balls?

Inert alumina balls are referred to as inert porcelain balls. It is processed from high-quality chemical porcelain clay raw materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, high chemical stability, and thermal stability. So what are the differences between inert porcelain balls and activated alumina balls? The Difference between Inert Porcelain Balls and Activated Alumina … Read more

Alumina Balls Inert Ceramic Balls Alumina Filler Balls

There are many types of alumina balls. In the inquiry process of alumina balls, there are activated alumina balls and inert alumina balls. So which kind is alumina filler ball? Their compositions and properties are different, and their uses are quite different. Rongsheng Company, can customize alumina filler balls, contact us to get free quotation … Read more

6mm-10mm Alumina Grinding Balls – Rongsheng Customized Alumina Ceramic Balls

Alumina grinding balls are also known as ceramic balls, porcelain balls, grinding balls, corundum balls, wear-resistant porcelain balls, high alumina balls, and microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina balls. Appearance is white spherical, with a diameter ranging from 0.5-120mm. Get a Free Quote Characteristics of Alumina Grinding Balls The main component of alumina balls is high-quality alumina. It … Read more

99 Alumina Ceramic Ball

99 alumina ceramic ball is a high-performance wear-resistant ceramic ball. Its main component is alumina (Al2O3), which is a very hard ceramic material. Alumina ceramic balls have good stability and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Therefore, it is widely used in abrasives, abrasives, and catalyst carriers in chemistry, mining, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries. … Read more

Heat Storage Al2O3≥80% Alumina Balls with Diameter of 18-20mm for 1000°C Furnaces

The heat storage alumina ceramic ball of the heat preservation furnace can be known directly from the name that it is a material used for heat storage and heat preservation in high-temperature furnaces. So specifically, what does the heat storage alumina ceramic ball look like? Which high-temperature kiln heat storage can ceramic balls be applied … Read more

Application of Alumina Grinding Balls

Alumina grinding balls are non-metallic grinding media widely used in industrial grinding. It has many physical and chemical advantages over metal grinding balls. Application of alumina grinding balls. Rongsheng alumina grinding ball manufacturers provide high-quality alumina ball grinding balls. Contact us for free quotes and samples. Get a Free Quote Properties of Alumina Grinding Balls … Read more