High Aluminum Castable Refractory Advantages and Applications

High aluminum castable refractory is a commonly used refractory castable material. Due to its simple construction and low cost, it is used as a refractory lining material for many high-temperature industrial furnaces. In actual use, the advantages of high aluminum castable are obvious. However, its shortcomings cannot be ignored. Advantages of high aluminum refractory castable. … Read more

Features of High-Performance Light-Weight High Alumina Castable

Light-Weight High Alumina Castables mainly use lightweight aggregates and heavy fine powder. Lightweight aggregates used in Light-Weight High Alumina Castable have larger pore diameters and lower strength. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of the lightweight castables is higher. At the same time, the low aggregate strength affects the overall strength of the lightweight castable, limiting its … Read more