Multilayer Low Thermal Conductivity Mullite Bricks

Low thermal conductivity mullite multi-layer composite bricks are designed with a multi-layer composite structure. Using bauxite as the main raw material, natural bauxite clinker is used as the main raw material instead of traditional silicon carbide mullite bricks. Sintered mullite is the main phase, which reduces the overall thermal conductivity of mullite bricks and effectively … Read more

The Production Process and Method of Mullite Bricks

Lightweight mullite bricks are also called mullite insulation bricks. Lightweight mullite insulation bricks are heat-insulating refractory materials with mullite as the main crystal phase and binding phase. High-alumina clinker is used as the main raw material, and high-quality and high-purity refractory powder is added. According to the required proportion of the product, organic composite fillers … Read more